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Home Sweet Home
As a greek artist, I express myself through elements which derive from my place of birth.
Exactly because I was born on an island I love the sea and especially this sense of freedom it gives you; this is art to me, freedom. Through my work I aim to raise people’s awareness of issues that threaten life on the planet. My work Home Sweet Home is based on this.
Air pollution, the melting of the ice caps, waste, the depletion of natural resources, the nuclear threat, wars, are only some of the ways in which man’s lack of respect towards his own home, planet Earth, becomes evident.
The basic element of my work has to do with people’s communication with my work and not with the objects which comprise it or the space they are placed in.
My participation in exhibitions in different parts of the world gives me the opportunity to study ​​cultures and people as regards the way in which the people place themselves inside my work and how they interact with it.
The main concept of my work is the pattern that is the repetition of morphological elements. This repetition brings a chaotic world into order. Generally, I like to put disorder back to order. Our life and daily routine is so full of patterns and repetitions that almost everything in the natural and human environment repeats itself.
By carefully looking at my surroundings I find a host of repeated elements.I locate the elements which catch my attention and interest and I co-opt them, I make them my own in some way.