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The Society for the Preservation of the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Rhodes is presenting the exhibition under the theme “POLITICS/POWER/RANDOM” by the modern artists’ group Minotaure under the care of Steve Hatzis for the 2013 summer season. The exhibition will be initiated on Tuesday 20th of August and will remain open to the public until September 15th in the Society’s building (The Knights’ Inn of the Tongue of England) at the Museum Square in the Medieval Town of Rhodes. The exhibition is part of the artistic schedule of Red Round Gallery and presents works of Greek artists in painting, sculpture, printmaking and video.

Artistic Concept:
National and international history teaches us that the power of any “leader”, democratic or not, is a totally random stake. A multitude of events, totally unconnected to any dominating norm, have led to the rise and fall of worthy or utterly unworthy leaders even in perfectly functioning democracies.

Participants: Heike Kummer, Anna Mihailidou, Chrysanthi Notta, Marina Provatidou, Evi Savvaidi, Sevasti Stavridi.

The Knights’ Inn of the Tongue of England, Museum Square, Medieval Town of Rhodes, Tuesday 20th of August, 8:30 pm.

Your attendance will greatly please us.